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Barcoded Inventory and Electronic Batch Record Software for Manufacturers using Quickbooks

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DataNinja Integrate with Quickbooks?
 imports approved estimates or Invoices and puts them into your productuion scheduling queue, then, at the end of manufacturing with full electronic tracability in DataNinja, pushes shipment tracking information back into Quickbooks. 

Which versions of Quickbooks does DataNinja work with?
  1. Quickbooks Online
  2. Quickbooks Enterprise
What is DataNinja?
DataNinja is a 
user-friendly Electronic Batch Record and Manufacturing Traceability system. DataNinja is a Cloud-based MES (Manufacturing Execution System) 
What does DataNinja do?
Among other things, using DataNinja means that your Batch records will have a voice. Any time an operator tries to scan the wrong material, or material that has not been QC released DataNinja will cause an appropriate escalation to your quality team. DataNinja can help your Quality teams review and approve batches faster, without giving up any control.
DataNinja allows you to search any raw material Lot number for an instant, electronic view of: Inspection documents, Batch Records, Inventory Locations, and shipment history.

Who Is DataNinja for?
FDA regulated manufacturing. DataNinja is designed specifically for the needs of the following LifeScience industry segments:

Medical Device
Dietary Supplement 
Food and Beverage
Contract Manufacturing/Contract Packaging
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phone: (801) 369-2579
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